Your domain and your business email. Fully managed.

We manage your domain.

We take care of everything that has to do with your domain.

Come with us

If you don't have a domain, we will register your domain for you, for one year. If you already have it, in addition to dealing with portability, we will extend the registration for one year.

Or, if you prefer, we can properly redirect your domain to the URL that you provide us. Without additional cost.

Advices from the start

We'll recommend and look for a domain name for your business if you don't already have one, and the possible purchase of typo domains if necessary.

Remember, the final decision is always yours.

Your domain means it's yours

We are just the technical contact. That means that the domain is still yours, and you can take it whenever you want, where you want, without any commitment to stay whatsoever: you just have to let us know and we will give you the EPP code for your domain.

Quality DNS zone

We manage your DNS zone through Cloudflare, so that your visitors are routed through the closest server to their location. Less latency, better response, more speed.

Why Cloudflare

DNSSEC by default

We add an extra layer of security by properly enabling DNSSEC on your domain. Thus, we prevent a large number of possible malicious activities that could involve your domain, such as phishing.

WHOIS Privacy

When you register a domain, you must give your personal data, which will later appear in a public registry, identifying yourself as the owner of the domain. We'll make sure your data remains private.

NOTE: Some domains do NOT allow this service, mainly territorial ones, ending in .EU, .ES, .FR, .IT, .DE, etc. We will notify you before the domain is managed by us.

We manage your business email.

Once you have your domain managed by us, we also offer you quality business email management.

Your email. Your brand.

Your business image is important, including your email. Therefore, the first thing is to personalize your email, so that it is @yourdomain.com, instead of the free ones that anyone can get. Give authority to your messages. Make your business carry your brand from the first minute.

An email account is fine. Here's 10.

We offer up to 10 email accounts of 3GBs each. You can have one account for yourself, one for your manager, and more, without having to share the same account. Or have a common one for business and several individual ones for your employees. Or one for each of your departments. It's up to you. And if you need more, you can always reach out to us.

NOTE: If you have more services contracted with us, we will reserve an account for internal use, like [email protected].

Always accessible

We offer you an email panel on the web, so you can check your email without installing anything, accessible from any device that has a web browser connected to the Internet. You just have to enter your business email account and its password.

Open Webmail

Security by default

We have a secure email autoconfigurator, which will help you configure your email on any device, with any email manager that supports it. All emails, either sent or received, are transmitted securely, thanks to the use of TLS certificates.

Less SPAM. Less malware.

Your business email has an antispam filter that blocks any email it considers as non legitimate. Also, an antivirus will scan all attachments you receive for viruses and other dangerous files. One more help for the times we live in.

We help you moving over

Once you have our mail service, we help you move up to 10 inbox and outbox, at no additional cost. Remember that accounts have a limit of total 3GBs per account, including all email folders.

There's always a good moment to start.

Let's start now.

Your domain and email. Well managed.

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