Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your business doesn't appear when you look up for it, it doesn't exist. That's why SEO is highly necessary on any website, and we include the technical part of it on every website we develop.

We consider SEO has 7 fundamental pillars.

1. Basic accessibility.

The most important thing of all is that the web is correctly accessible by search engines.

We will do everything we can to make this happen, telling search engines like Google what they can do to find your website and be able to scan it, and what they must register, by using robots.txt files and sitemaps, and what should not be saved through directives, such as your legal data on that GDPR legal text you have to publish or, if any, the administration of your website. We will also avoid the use of lazy loading techniques that may affect search engines performance.

2. Rich content.

The second most important thing, very close to the first, is the content of your page. This must respond to the queries and demands of the public you are addressing. Sometimes it can be tempting to save hours of work, just by copypasting content from another place on the Internet, such as a competitor who already has what you would like to show yourself on your page. This practice is counterproductive, since search engines will notice and give priority to those who consider that they have the most original content. Remember that there are many ways to say the same thing, and you have to look for your differentiating factor. Also, this content should be something that encourages people to share or recommend it. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you will be interested in putting a detailed description of a home, accompanied by good photos, so you can share it on social networks among your followers. People will likely share it, allowing you and your business to go further. This is something that search engines also see.

Our work here is more limited, since it is more marketing than technical.
No one knows your products or services better than you, and therefore, there's just no one better to talk about them than you. This is why we will count on your help here as much as possible: you must provide us with all the content you want to include on your page. As for the technical part, we take care that your website is semantically correct, using the HTML5 tags that best fit your content.

3. Keyword optimization.

Content plays a fundamental role in the SEO of your website, as well as what your visitors perceive about you, your products, your services... that is why limiting yourself to write a simple filler text can cause the opposite effect. All content should be written around keywords, without abusing them. The terms that you are most interested in highlighting for search engines should be the most influential ones on your website.

To fulfill this task, we will ask you what you are most interested in highlighting, and we will include Call to Action sections on your page, which are very direct and simplified blocks with the sole intention that your visitor carry out an very specific action: contact you, buy your product, call you, etc.

4. Unrivaled user experience.

A website must be agile, easy to use, and must be accessible from any device that has a browser and an Internet connection. This will allow search engines to scan your website faster, while your users will stay longer on your page, which translates into more business possibilities.

We have more than ten years of experience in the sector, a dual cloud infrastructure, custom Progressive Web Applications tailored for your needs, and more. With us, you have this guaranteed since you hire us.

Infrastructure Progressive Web Applications

5. Titles, description and URLs.

Your page should have titles that draw attention, and a short description for each of the subpages you have. The URL must also be somewhat memorable and readable. Look at the URL of our page, for instance. All this is something that search engines value when it comes to showing results.

From the content you provide us, we will write these titles and descriptions for your page, making the URLs comply with all of the above.

6. Schematic markup.

Depending on the type of content, you can make it stand out even more in search results through schematic tagging. There is some content that can be fit into a scheme, because it follows a pattern, such as a review article for a product. You can let the search engine try to interpret what it is, or give it as data that it can understand directly, so that it can display it exactly the way you want.

Whenever possible, we will make this schematic markup available to your content, so that you stand out even more in your searches.

7. Social identity.

If you already have social networks, they must be included on the page as permanent links (for example, at the bottom of the page), and also as a meta tag, thus allowing you to see the interactions from the different social networks to your page.

We will include it on your website once you provide us with the necessary information about your social networks.

But there are things that don't depend on us.

No one can offer you the first place.

Before a website appears in searches, its content must be indexed. For this, search engines go through the web from top to bottom, and once they obtain all the information they consider relevant, it's when they start indexing. Indexing means that they have a copy of your content, they know what it's all about and what URL it's located at, but that doesn't mean that they will appear in the searches immediately. Neither we nor anyone, except search engine owners, can assure and offer you the first position in search results. Why? Very simple: in many cases, that is exactly the search engine business model. Google, for instance, charges you through Google Adwords to appear as a featured ad when searching for certain keywords. Through SEO, many things can be achieved, but nothing can be guaranteed. In the end, it's the search engines that decide what results to show.

That does not mean that it is not impossible. Ranking first is something we have done before, and we will continue to do our best to make our clients as high as possible in every search related to their business.

We cannot make your business up.

As we said above, no one knows better than you how your business works, what you want to talk about it and the products or services you offer. There are many variables at stake when writing a commercial text, such as the tone you want to use with the interlocutor (serious, youthful, daring...), style, etc. You must provide us the content you want in your website.

If you want us to write advertising copy, slogans, catchy phrases and more, we currently offer a copywriting service, which is what this marketing practice is called. Contact us now, tell us what you are looking for, and we can work something out with your budget.

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SEO takes time, it's not instant.

SEO depends on many factors in addition to the technical ones (more than 200), such as whether other pages recommend you, people talking about you on social networks, the traffic that moves your page, etc. It is what is called acquiring authority and online presence, which is something that occurs over time. Your business can be a boom in a month, or climb positions over the years. For this, it is essential to keep up to date the 7 points that we previously highlighted.

If you have a special need in having one of your pages appear in the first position with certain search terms, we can only recommend the ad platform of each of the search engines, where you can advertise and have priority in the search results. We can also do this for you: contact us, tell us what you need, and we will prepare a budget based on a consensual strategy.

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